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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sign of the Times

Jan Jörnmark is a shooter who specializes in photographing abandoned industrial sites and other deserted places in Sweden. One of our sharp-eyed readers noticed this particularly poignant building on Jan's site.

It's the one-time world headquarters of Hasselblad. Former medium-format giant Hasselblad optimistically moved into its brand new, ultra-modern, custom-designed building in the fall of 2003. A mere two years later, following Hassie's absorption by Imacon, the facility sat empty and abandoned.

Hasselblad history display, stripped of cameras

I wonder if any of our Swedish readers know what the building is used for today?


Featured comment by Björn Ylinenpää: Hasselblad has moved to smaller facilities in the same industrial park. Today the Hasselblad building is used by SVT and SR, the government-owned public-service TV and radio companies, Sweden's largest broadcasters.


Blogger Ken Tanaka said...

Jan has assembled a fascinating set of walk-through snapshots of the former Hasselblad HQ. Abandoned buildings always seem to be a bit haunting to me, perhaps because they convey imaginary echoes of their former occupants. But this empty, hardly-used Hasselblad hulk is even creepier than some rotting 19th century asylum to me. Such a large, expensive facility abandoned so prematurely is a startling monument to egotism and the myopic cloud that egotism and group-think can create. Perhaps this Hasselblad artifact is more like a rotting asylum than first glance would suggest.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see that the facility has been assumed by another organization. Wonderful work, Jan.

10:37 AM  

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