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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Man Who Made Mapplethorpe

By Philip Gefter, The New York Times

Tall, handsome and rich would be one way to describe Sam Wagstaff, a legendary figure in the international art world of the 1970s and ’80s. Urbane is another. Iconoclastic, certainly. And glamorous, without a doubt. But the word that keeps cropping up in “Black White + Gray,” a new documentary about Mr. Wagstaff by a first-time director, James Crump, that will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival next week, is “visionary.”

Mr. Wagstaff was one of the first private art collectors to start buying photographs as early as 1973, long before there was a serious market for them. His photography collection came to be regarded not only for its scholarship. It was also original and unorthodox, and turned out to be extremely valuable. Mr. Wagstaff sold it to the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1984 for $5 million, a fortune at the time, establishing that institution’s collection of photographs, now among the finest in the world....




Blogger Player said...

I had the pleasure of viewing a Mapplethorpe exhibit in Boston, around 1988. During that time, I read a review of the exhibit, by Ctein, in "Darkroom Photography." A few years later I was actually exchanging messages with Ctein, on CompuServe Photoforum. Who would have thunk it. I didn't even own a computer in 1988.

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