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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fuji Re-Introduces Velvia 50 in the U.K.

[Unedited press release]

"Fujifilm Professional is delighted to announce that the company is planning to re-launch Fujichrome Velvia 50 into the UK market.

"Production of Velvia 50 was halted at the beginning of 2005 when vital raw materials used in the production of the emulsion became unavailable. The re-launch of Velvia 50 is a further illustration of Fujifilm's continued commitment to the production and promotion of professional film.

"Russ Gunn, Fujifilm Professional Product Manager, made this comment: 'We have received many requests from photographers to restart manufacturing, as they had used Velvia 50 for many years and consider it unmatched in terms of quality and character. One of Fujifilm's main priorities is to nurture the culture of photography, so we have been reviewing the possibility of restarting production.'

"Gunn continued: 'In response to these requests our research and development teams have been working hard to develop substitute raw materials and new manufacturing technologies that enable us to restart production of this famous emulsion. We are planning to re-introduce the new Velvia 50 in the spring of 2007. The characteristics of the new emulsion will mirror that of the previous product. Many photographers were understandably upset when we were forced to withdraw Velvia 50, and we are delighted to be able to announce its re-introduction.'

"An announcement of specific details, including price, formats and availability schedule will be made as soon as they are available. The existing range of Fujifilm Professional films will remain unaltered.

"For further information, please visit"

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, hat tip to Ailsa McW.


Blogger Adam McAnaney said...

The lack of comments on this post is freaking me out. After all of the hullaballoo when Fuji changed/discontinued Velvia 50, NOBODY wants to comment when they bring it back?

Does anyone shoot film anymore? There are more comments on the D40 (which I suspect few here will buy*) than there are on this. Frankly, I think Fuji deserves some high praise. It has introduced three new films in the last two years, the new T64 film, the new Provia 400X and now the reformulated Velvia 50. I really, honestly admire them for that.

Points are to be deducted, however, for the slow time to market. Personally, I don't care too much about Velvia, since its slow and no good for skin tones, and I'm not a landscape photographer. But I call B&H about every 3 weeks asking them when they're going to get the new Provia 400X. Sigh...I'll just keep waiting.


*I don't know anything about the D40, but according to at least one stream of rumors, it will cost $350 and will only autofocus with a very limited subset of Nikon lenses (AF-S lenses). Small, cheap, crippled consumer camera? Perhaps. But then what happened to all those people who were clamouring for a small, cheap, B&W dSLR to be used with MF lenses? If only the D40 viewfinder were better, we would be there (assuming the D40 has the D80's B&W mode). Of course, if we had ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had eggs...

11:16 AM  
Blogger Budcub said...

Velvia is what I miss most about film, along with Kodachrome 25 (although it was of limited use due to its speed).

But I don't miss it enough to go out and start shooting film again. My old film camera needs servicing, and I can't justify repairing it or buying a new one if I don't shoot film anymore.

11:45 AM  
Blogger mulacs said...

I'll throw in my thrupenybit: I'm glad to see the return of the Velvia. Still shoot more film than digital, have too many compacts that i treasure not too. (I love my XA4 a bit too much!)

It maybe not the best film for a compact, granted but its good to have it back and good to see Fuji still pushing out the new emulsions. Long may it last.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Ade said...

Strewth, just when we were worried that the glut of oversaturated, wide angle, postcard landscapes might one day dry up!! Outdoor Photography magazine is saved!

Less facetiously, I thought Velvia 100 was supposed to be a perfectly adequate replacement for the 50, in Fuji's words at least.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Max said...

I just didn't say anything because I thought there weren't many followers here. I shoot Velvia 100% of the time (I'm lazy, I think). I just bought a 50mm lens for a Fujica 6x9 camera I have, and getting a ton of 220 Velvia is what I'm thinking of now.
A good 6x9 Velvia slide is still something of a cult item to me.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Brambor said...

hmm. The new Velvia 100 was introduced and presented as having same grain as Velvia 50. So you gain a little speed. Did the Velvia 50 users not get the memo?

8:53 AM  
Blogger Max said...

I think a problem with Velvia 100 is Fuji first introduced the 100F version, fine grain, but different color, less saturation (which for many voids the main reason to buy Velvia). Later on came the 100 version, which looks very much like the original 50 to me. But may be the F version had a negative impact on the Velvia 100 consumer perception.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Film Forever said...

Does anyone know the story of Coca-Cola and how they tried to make it better with "new Coke" and failed miserably. Dont try and fix something that doesn't need fixing. Velvia 50 is the best outdoor photography feature in the market. Fuji's attempt at Velvia 100 and 100F is a failure. Any photographer who know's how to shoot Velvia 50 will agree, nothing comes close in comparison. And no, Velvia 100 doesn't have the same grain as Velvia 50, I know this by making 40x50 prints of my work. Fuji states a lot of untruths in this matter. Film photography is an art and needs to be taken seriously by Fuji and Kodak companies. Digital imaging is hyped up by retail companies for marketing purposes only, and the final result has made "everyone a photographer". Photo Labs across the U.S. have been forced to switch to digital because of the strain it has put upon the photography market. Anyone can take a digital picture. But it actually takes work, patience, style, technique and most of all quality to take an artistic Film Photograph. And 90% of Landscape Photographers out in the field will say they are using Fuji Velvia 50, and they would rather quit than switch to digital. People are still painting, Film photography is an art and needs to be taken seriously.

3:24 PM  
Blogger filmuser said...

Came across these comments while searching for the new Velvia 50 and comment to educate some of the un-educated. Maybe the problem is that some of you are not natural history photographers, maybe some of you just are well off retired professionals from other professions living on your fabulous pensions, and can afford the latest, greatest most expsenive digital gear avaialable - a venerable photographer wannabe, or maybe you are just not experienced (or good) enough to see the difference. But Velvia 100F sucked! The contrast was so great that at 2 bucks a roll it's still not a bargain. Velvia 100 was better, but still WAY too damn contrasatly, in fact uncontrollable in bright light, even at ISO 50. Maybe there are just some us out there that like film, know film, like how it looks, and know what we'll get, AND can see the difference. And no, I'm not 150 years old, I shot digital cammercially when I had to, and I don't simply like it as much as film. AND there are many of us who feel the same way, so stop cramming pixels down our throats, some of the sane world has decided the the digital world has its pitfalls and I think quality is a great one. Ps Iscan, yes scan most of my images and deliver them digitatly and love it for the most part, it sure cut my Fed-ex bills down!

4:55 PM  

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