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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blog Notes

I just want to take a sec to thank everybody for yesterday. Michael Reichmann at The Luminous Landscape, Steve Sanders at Steve's Digicams, Mark Goldstein at PhotographyBLOG, and Alec Soth, on his blog, among others, all mentioned us and provided links, which was very nice. Just over 20,000 people stopped by for a look (20,461, about twice our usual traffic) and nineteen people made donations, ranging from $1 to $100, which helps pay the monkey on the treadmill. A lot of nice comments were added to the "Ten Best" list posting.

And I had a nice day. Thank you.



Blogger Max said...

Mike, I liked your interview on the Luminous Landscape a lot. To put it short, this is the only source of photo info I check periodically were I feel I´m listening to and interacting with a person. I mean, somebody with a real life and feelings.
Congratulations on the blog's year!

10:43 AM  

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