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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Is There Still Time? (Stupid Question.)

Since it's after midnight here (and hence, too late), you've apparently been spared my massive "Ask a Stupid Question Day" posting. I worked on it off and on all day, but I couldn't help it...I came up with so many stupid questions that are political in nature* that I just couldn't seem to bring it back around to a non-political balance. Sorry.

However, I haven't forgotten about this. Now that I know about Ask a Stupid Question Day, there's going to be one heck of a funny posting next September 30th.


Example: Stupid Question #19. I suppose a lot of people won't find this funny, for a whole variety of reasons, but I think it's hilarious. A mere two weeks or so after Mr. Bush declared that he wouldn't change a thing if he had everything to do over again, the Pope issued a retraction and an apology for something he'd said. Okay, so tell me again, which of the two is officially considered infallible by the authority of God? (Stupid question....)


Blogger -barry said...

I think you've got the date a little bit wrong. Or perhaps I should ask: Are you sure that September 30th is AASQD?

My sources say it's September 28th, and it's generally celebrated on the last school day of September (which happens to be September 28th next year).

12:58 PM  

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