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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blog Notes: No More Need to Refresh

A reader named Jules has successfully solved our "cache" problem noted in the title header for the last week or two (don't look for it now—I took it out this morning). Apparently Blogger is set up to appear initially from a cache in Firefox, which meant that you could access the URL yet not see the new posts without hitting the refresh button. Jules wrote us a nifty tidbit of code to solve this.

Two things: if you (anybody) think they're continuing to see a cached versions of T.O.P. on first arriving at the page, would you please let me know in a comment? And second—Jules, you neglected to give me your e-mail address, so I have no way to contact you directly. If you could leave it in also in a comment, I have a couple of additional questions for you. But, in case you don't, thanks for your help.

—Your Underworked T.O.P. Chief Moderator and Head Gnome


Blogger m. said...

Underworked? Seems to me you, or one of your minions, deleted one of my more egregiously stupid comments a few weeks ago. I plead lack of sleep.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Mike Johnston said...

"I plead lack of sleep."

You are hereby exonerated, then.

Whether I admit comments or not depends largely on my mood, unfortunately. Sometimes I find myself in an expansive, "everyone is entitled to his opinion" sort of mood, and other times I find myself in a humorless, easily offended, intolerant sort of frame of mind. I have generally disallowed comments that a) contain any sort of ad hominem insults, b) are political, even covertly, especially if they disagree with my own politics (for instance, a guy who said the other day that a certain art piece must have been the result of "drug use in the sixties" or words to that effect--CLASS WARFARE! ZAP!), or c) if the comment seems designed to pick a fight. But, as I say, how anything strikes me is probably more dependent on my state of mind at that moment than anything else.

...Which could be a problem, except that it isn't. This isn't a forum, and nobody has an intrinsic right to post anything in public here that hasn't been vetted. There are plenty of places on the internet for that kind of activity, and I just don't want T.O.P. to be one of them.

I even edit myself, sometimes, taking down a posting that I later, upon reconsideration, judge to be too snide or uncharitable or otherwise objectionable.


11:07 AM  
Blogger m. said...

The funny thing is that I tend to over-censor my own comments. You'd think that would mean I'm less likely to post something stupid, but you'd be wrong.

3:22 PM  

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