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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Daniel Seguin, David Desjardins, and Dean Sherwood

by Chantal Stone

There's a movement on the Internet, and it’s been around for a while now, with momentum building every day. It's called photoblogging. A photoblog is a chronological log of photography; a weblog where the emphasis is on a picture rather than text. There are thousands of active photoblogs on the web right now, most updated daily, by photographers from all around the world. The photographers vary from the amateur to the professional, from film purists to users of digital technology. Three photoblogs of note belong to three very different photographers with a great zeal for photography as well as talent in their craft: Daniel Seguin, David Desjardins, and Dean Sherwood.

Montreal resident Daniel Seguin has been in love with photography since he was a kid. He often found himself the “photographer of the day” for family events, using his parents’ old Canon reflex camera, and then later served as photographer for his High School yearbook, processing and printing his own images. Then, like many photographers, life happened, and Daniel set his camera down for a while, only to become reacquainted with his first love years later. Now, as a recent graduate of Concordia University in Montreal with a Master’s degree, Daniel manages to find the time to take the incredible photographs that fill his photoblog :: Make it Happen.

Daniel’s work can easily be described with one word: magnificent. His grand style gives the viewer a glimpse of his unique perspective of the world. His images range from the majestic Canadian landscape to the hidden corners of Montreal. They are crisp, exact, thoughtful and passionate.

Daniel’s blog is a journey into his world. Updated almost daily, Daniel sees it as cyclical. He shoots to fill his photoblog; his photoblog is there to inspire him to shoot. He celebrated his one year anniversary for his photoblog this past July, with a collage of all the year’s posts. There, he eloquently explains the significance and impact of photoblogging:

"Throughout the year, I’ve been fortunate to meet some fabulous people through whom I’ve better learned to see the possibilities and that there is no real right answer out there. For this, I am grateful. Thank you all for having shared in my experience. This photoblog and I have only co-evolved as a result of your visits, prompting reflection, dialogue, and learning...."

What’s next for Daniel? With his vision and his new degree, the possibilities are endless. Like most of us who see photography as a journey, he plans to practice his technique, learn through experience, and continue to participate in the photoblogging community. He writes that he would also like to somehow integrate his photography with his work in client systems. Whatever he does next, surely he will "make It happen."

Another Montreal resident, David Desjardins, maintains the photoblog Postcards From the End. A systems administrator for an IT firm by day, David fulfills his creative urges through his photography.

David’s style can best be described as pensive. His images are very often soft and calm, depicting the quieter edges of Montreal. From architecture to nature, from the still life to the abstract, David’s images illustrate his introspection and his willingness to let his sensitive side be known, while still maintaining an edge.

David began shooting when he was introduced to photography in art school. He began his photoblog in early 2005, with PFTE being the updated incarnation. He began his photoblog first as a simple outlet for his art, a place to display and share his work. He then became more involved with viewing other photoblogs, entering the community of photobloggers which, as David describes “the sharing with other photobloggers and getting to know other styles and types is just sublime for the artistic heart.”

For future projects, David would like to explore some creative portraiture. But for now, he enjoys the intimacy involved with close-up and macro photography. Where his photography will take him is anyone’s guess. With little pressure on himself to produce, David allows himself to be creative, when the moment speaks to him. “If you try to force art, it won’t come out [right]”, he says, “…I don't really have plans or goals. I do it because the act of doing it is its own reward.”

Across the pond, in Lincolnshire, UK, lives photographer Dean Sherwood. Dean’s gritty, high-energy, impactful images can be found at his photoblog Post79. When not photographing, Dean is also a health club manager and full time student.

Dean fell into photography quite by accident when one day he picked up the wrong magazine, and purchased Photography Monthly. He took it home, read it, and was inspired to purchase a camera. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dean sees his photoblog as a chance to be creative and to display facets of his imagination through words and images, with subject matter ranging from intense and sometimes intimate portraits, to angular street scenes, to landscapes and fine art.

An avid journal keeper, Dean writes his insightful thoughts along with his photographic posts. He also enjoys the friends he has made through photoblogging since the inception of his first photoblog, Captured4Life, and now even more so with his new and improved site Post79.

Success has already graced Dean, since he has been published in publications such as Digital Photography and the German magazine Max, as well as his local newspaper, for his coverage of local events.

What’s next for Dean? In his words: “I hope I can take you all on a journey, a journey through the intimate and the open, the extraordinary and the ordinary, the touching and the once touched.” And a trip through his photoblog will certainly do that.



Blogger nol said...

i'm a guy, and that was a lot of guys you just listed.

here's a woman i really enjoy:

1:01 AM  
Blogger Donncha said...

Glad you mentioned Dean's work. I've been a fan of his for a long while, although haven't had time to visit his blog recently. Hopefully this'll bring some more traffic his way! Good luck with the new blog :)


8:09 AM  
Blogger m. said...

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8:40 AM  
Blogger DAVE ( said...

Great article of course =)

(to bad one can only comment using a Blogger account)

9:04 AM  
Blogger The chipster said...

Let's start with one blog at a time. And crank it up a notch or two on the quality. I mean stuff like this: “I hope I can take you all on a journey, a journey through the intimate and the open, the extraordinary and the ordinary, the touching and the once touched.” makes me want to puke.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Ken Tanaka said...

Thank you for pointing out these folks, Chantal. Keep 'em comin'.

Digital technology has made photography more popular than ever. That photographers, particularly young enthusiastic people just starting out, can easily and inexpensively share their images with the world via the Internet is wonderful. Young photographers, particularly those with digital cameras, often don't know what they are and are not "supposed to do" with a camera and also sometimes pay little attention to technical settings. This can make for some really good, although "rule-breaking", images. (Yes, it also can make some real stinkers.)

But I must admit to being just a bit resentful. When I started in photography (30+ years ago) the only medium available to share images was a print, requiring co-location of print and viewer. Not that many of my early images were really worth sharing with the whole world..

1:59 PM  

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