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Friday, August 18, 2006

Briot Workshops Info

The August newsletter of Alain Briot Workshops just arrived in our inbox. The Briot Workshops are among the good people who bring you T.O.P., through their sponsorship.

Alain tells us his Fall workshops are all full except for the Barrio & Sedona Weekend workshops.

They also have seats available for their Vision Trilogy Seminar. This is a unique event during which they cover three different areas of photography:

1. Seeing and Inspiration: How do you find inspiration, see images with a personal style, and develop a unique vision for your work?

2. The Expressive Print: How do you print your photographs so they are not just technically good, but also reflect your personality, your vision, and your style, so that your prints are expressive and reflect an artistic quality unique to you?

3. Marketing: How to sell your work in a profitable and professional manner. What knowledge do you need? Are you and your work ready? What's the next step?

The Spring 2007 Death Valley and Navajoland workshops are filling up already. If you are considering attending one of these two exciting workshops, better contact Alain now. This year's Death Valley workshop was a highlight for the participants and for Alain and Natalie. Alain created some of his favorite images there, including "Zabriskie Point" and "Playa Reflections." Alain says he finds Death Valley one of the most inspiring places anywhere. The Spring is also one of the best times to go there because of the cool weather, wildflowers, clouds, etc.

Alain Briot, Clouds, Round Rock, taken during the Navajoland Workshop

Navajoland is just as exciting. Alain says he never tires of seeing Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley, as well as all the other beautiful places they visit during this expedition. Navajoland is very inspirational.

You can contact Alain or Natalie by phone or email if you have any question about the above or about anything else which is of interest to you. Their phone number is 800-949-7983 (USA) and 623-561-1641 (international), and the email address is



Blogger iamnot said...

I live within a few hours of these places and have never been. Makes me crazy.
I'm still trying to pry the money for this out of my wife.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Yvonne said...

I took one of Alain and Natalie's workshops in Arizona just this last spring. It's a great way to experience this amazing part of the world - some parts of Arizona are like another planet. You certainly get a chance to make some unique images.

Alain and Natalie know that part of the world like the back of their hands. Great workshop, and Alain is right up to speed on all things digital, esp. making prints, which I'm kinda, slowly trying to work my way up to.

4:45 PM  

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