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Monday, July 24, 2006

Inquest Confirms Clarke Took Own Life

Amateur Photographer is reporting this morning that Bob Carlos Clarke indeed took his own life, as had been suspected. Chris Cheesman writes, "Photographer Bob Carlos Clarke 'took his own life' after [sic] being struck by a train in London on 25 March, an inquest has heard. The award-winning photographer died after he threw himself in front of a Waterloo-bound train at the White Hart Lane level-crossing in Barnes, southwest London. Kingston Coroners office told AP this morning: 'The deceased took his own life.' Carlos Clarke worked in many areas of photography including fashion, advertising and photojournalism. His untimely death stunned the photographic world. Before he died the 55-year-old had been a patient at The Priory hospital in Roehampton where he was understood to have been undergoing treatment for clinical depression. The coroner confirmed that he died of multiple injuries."

A major British commercial and fashion photographer known for his erotically-charged overtones, Clarke's best-known picture may be his simple still life of two forks seemingly locked in an embrace.

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON with thanks to E.S.


Blogger George Barr said...

So sad that someone who could produce that absolutely beautiful image of the forks should feel the need to end it all. Perhaps it is some consolation to be remembered for this image. It makes you wonder what images lurk in our drawers, cubbords and closets, if only we could see!

12:34 AM  

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