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Friday, June 16, 2006

"Playa Reflections," Death Valley

Alain Briot, who most photographers have become aware of through his many contributions to The Luminous Landscape, is one of the very few photographers in the world who make a good living entirely on the sale of fine-art prints. However, in a practice that is the antithesis of snooty and exclusive, every month Alain makes available a "Print of the Month" at a special price that is at least 40% less than normal.

The June 2006 print, "Playa Reflections, Death Valley National Park," is the one available now. You can buy it unframed or framed.

That's not all—there's invaluable educational content for digital photographers too. Alain also makes available to buyers of the print a copy of the Master File, so you can track for yourself, on your own computer, the exact process he used to process the image. Cool!



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