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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Data Mediastore Stocks the Good Stuff

As soon as our recent posts about digital image storage started getting heated up, I went looking for a potential advertiser for the blog that stocks MAM-A gold CD-R and DVD-R disks. Thanks to a certain amount of shimmy-shimmying on the part of yrs. trly. and a pretty fair dose of open-mindedness on their part (computer media supply sites don't often think of advertising on photography sites, except for CF cards, obviously—some of them wouldn't even return my emails), they decided to take a flier and support this blog for a while.

So anyway, Data Mediastore stocks MAM-A disks of various descriptions, plus is a reliable supplier of Taiyo Yuden disks, plus it stocks the hard drives T.O.P. recommends—the Glyph Netdrives made for the A/V industry—PLUS it stocks the supercool Avastor hard drives that are maybe even a little bit better than the Glyphs (mainly because they have onboard power supplies and use standard non-captive IEC power cords with no wal-warts).

All of these—disks and drives—are more expensive than the bog-standard bargain-basement price leaders you can pick up at any big box store or mall. But they're not that much more expensive. And the extra cost goes to peace of mind.

I admit that I'm a bit of a nut on the subject of storage. That's because I've got something like 65,000 Tri-X negatives that I don't have to mess with again, and that will outlive me unless of course the house burns down, knock on wood. My digital archive is minimal by comparison, but believe me, photography is just too much work, and your really good photographs just too darn few and far between, to risk having any of them go up in a wisp of smoke for no good reason.

Click on the ad to order. And if you don't feel like ordering today, you know where to find them tomorrow, or next week, or the next.



Blogger Dave New said...

The thing I like about the Mediastore folks, is that they stock the inkjet printable Mitsui Gold CDs/DVDs.

Even when I can find Mitsui formula discs locally (rarely) they *never* stock the printable ones.

I really like the ides of being able to print nice looking archival labels, instead of scribbling with the special pen on the discs.

8:38 PM  

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