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Thursday, May 18, 2006

If You Wouldn't Trust These Mugs...

...Who would you trust?

Chris Sanderson, Michael Reichmann, Charles Cramer, and Bill Atkinson, veteran photo-dogs all (note prevalence of hard-won gray hairs) have all perpetrated another one of Michael's evergreen resolution tests, this time getting the true poop on high-resolution digital backs. Just wish I'd been there; I bet they had fun.

...Although why they bothered, I'm not entirely sure. The answer is plain to see: Chris, Michael and Charlie have more resolution than Bill does. Ba-dump paaah.

(And notice who has all the toys in front of him!)

Seriously, a major test for anyone considering the giant step of investing in a digital back. Also available with nearly 4 GB of the original RAW files on a disk for only $9.95 until June 15th ($14.95 thereafter), or free with a new subscription to The Video Journal ("The Luminous-Landscape on TV," highly recommended if you don't already subscribe), again until the 15th.


Featured Comment by Ken Tanaka: "Aw, Michael's pandering to gearlusters and natural male fetishism. Shame on him! ;-}

"Actually, although I'm not a landscape photographer, I rather appreciate most of the features on Michael's site and I do subscribe to (and enjoy) his "Video Journal." His material is a nice mix of gear porn (where else can you see "Lin Hof" naked and wide open?) as well as thoughtful editorial topics. (BTW, of course I ordered the DVD...I'm not above a very moderate level of fetishism!)

"I noticed that he took a bit of a poke at some folks on his site's forum who suggested that the camera comparison was biased. Frankly, he ought not bother. He doesn't owe anyone an explanation for his material.

"Side story: A recent visit to a parallel universe served as a cold reference check concerning photo forum chatter. While shopping for a new home theater system I strolled through some forums dealing with that stuff. Oy! Talk about unbridled tribalism, gear fetishism, and plain old idle-minded rants and raves! Some of those forums made forums like DPreview look downright thoughtful and civilized. But it served as a keen example of just how disorienting and unfriendly such specialty forums (as photographic forums) can be to a casual visitor. Ask a "dumb" question and chances are that some young snot will put down his XBox controller long enough to spank you! Photo forums tend to be more congenial...but not always!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some reason Michael Reichmann elicits a great many grumpy comments on His pictures aren't any good, he wants everyone to dump film and shoot Canon digital....yada yada yada. The last time he posted a review of a high-end back the sneering made my head hurt.

For one, I appreciate his site, and think his pictures are pretty good. I also appreciate his product reviews even though a high-end back is not in my near future. Thanks for the link.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Dave New said...

>>> I also appreciate his product reviews even though a high-end back is not in my near future. Thanks for the link.

That, I believe is the root of the comment made by Michael recently, to the effect that out of 100,000 views of this particular review, only 0.2% had ordered the DVD of RAW files.

Being able to afford something like any of these cameras/backs is completely out of my budget, but I still appreciate the learning opportunities afforded by Michael, and will stash the information in some dusty corner of my brain for future reference.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the million euro question: why did they do it?

Or maybe: the half million euro one: what the heck for?

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On his recent Zambia trip Michael Reichmann took so much gear he could only be American - if in doubt throw everything at it and the more expensive the better!
Once you get past his ego there is some good stuff to be found on his website but really his bias towards canon and high end digital means I rarely go have a look these days.

Its the photographer that creates the image and not how much gear you have.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are passionate about your photography, why wouldn't you want the best and finest tool for your photography? Its like a violinist eventually playing a stradivarius, or a pianist playing a steinway.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mari said; ..... 'ts like a violinist eventually playing a stradivarius, or a pianist playing a steinway.'

So are you saying those musicians that don't own a strad or Stein make inferior music !?
A camera is a tool (an instrument), yes you wish a tool to do the best and be relied upon but there are many 'cheap' cameras that will fulfill that criteria.
I have a Olympus E1, for my digital purposes that is the 'best' camera for a variety of reasons. For Cartier Bresson a Leica and 50mm lens suited best. For Don McCuilin a Nikon, etc, etc.

5:12 AM  

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