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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Forgent's JPEG Patent Rejected

Right to Create reports: "The USPTO [United States Patent and Trademark Office] has rejected the broadest claims of the JPEG image format patent held by Forgent Networks. It’s nice to see the Patent Office doing the right thing, but it’s too bad that more than $100 million dollars that Forgent has extorted from industry will never be returned to its rightful owners. Forgent gets to keep that money, regardless of how the PTO rules. For nearly 19 years, this patent has stood without challenge. Now, just over a year before it was to expire, the PTO declares that it is bogus...."


The Public Patent Foundation, which brought the challenge, comments: "'The Patent Office has agreed with our conclusion that it would have never granted Forgent Networks’ '672 patent had it been aware of the prior art that we uncovered and submitted to them,' said Dan Ravicher, PUBPAT’s Executive Director. 'Making matters worse here is that this new prior art was known by those who filed the application that led to the '672 patent, but none of them told the Patent Office about it, despite their duty to do so.'"



Anonymous Sone said...

What this site failed to report is that the patent office has rejected the claims in a NON-FINAL Office Action. This means that the patent owner will have an opportunity to respond and possibly overcome the rejection. It is common, in fact - expected, that the USPTO will issue a non-final rejection after granting a reexamination request.

The details of the USPTO's response may be found here:

Type in the application number which is 90/007,808.

12:11 PM  

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