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Friday, April 21, 2006

Exeunt Mamiya? is reporting this morning that the venerable Japanese medium-format camera manufacturer Mamiya may be following Bronica in leaving the camera business. According to engadget, Mamiya has agreed to sell its camera and DI assets to Japanese IT company Cosmos Scientific by September 1, 2006.

If this is true, it may mirror the troubles experienced by Kyocera when it attempted to develop a premium Contax DSLR that missed its market window due to an overly extended development time; the long-anticipated Mamiya ZD medium-format DSLR has only recently been made available for sale (December in Japan, March in Europe).

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, with thanks to Roger S.


Blogger chas3stix said...

Very sorry to hear of the demise of Mamiya. My first 35mm SLR was a Mamiya/Sekor 1000 TL.
It was literally the Timex of 35mm SLR's IMHO.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Michael Simon said...

too bad, they made great medium format film cameras.

9:39 PM  

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