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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Custom Casios for a Cause

'Kay, let me see if I can get all the players straight: Kompolt is running the auction, eBay is hosting it, GlobalGiving is the charity, and the only three New Orleans grade schools that managed to stay open after the hurricane last year are the beneficiaries. The prizes: fifteen custom Casio digital cameras, five each in three otherwise-unavailable custom colors, courtesy of Casio's U.S. subsiary in Dover, New Jersey. The various principals involved are guaranteeing that 90% of all the money raised will go to the Eisenhower, Behrman, and Harte Elementary Schools in Nawlins.

Some of the rules are a bit different than ordinary eBay auctions, but it seems a worthy cause. Casios tend to also be distinguished from the run-of-the-mill digi-Ph.D.s by having good responsiveness and minimal shutter lag. Each camera is equipped with a special eBay mode, if that matters.



Blogger Donna said...

Thanks for the shout out. Just to clarify, the three schools didn't remain open - they reopened in early Winter and still need support. Hope you all bid!
Donna @ GlobalGiving


7:45 PM  

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