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Monday, April 24, 2006

Blog Notes

1. Because it's all more or less moot, I'll be taking down all the bits about Mamiya within the next couple of days. A little too much ado about almost nothing, as it turned out.

2. "Based purely on a cookie," T.O.P. logged its 250,000th "First Time Visitor" last weekend, with about three times that many hits (page loads) since November. I dunno, but that seems respectable for a blog. I guess it depends on your frame of reference.

3. To avoid keeping you in suspense, I should say I probably won't post "T.O.P. Ten #3" until tonight or even tomorrow morning. On the good side, there will be more endorsements soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the sake of public knowlege, a hit is not the same as a page load.

A hit simply indicates something was requested from the site. When someone loads the site for example, you get one hit for the html, one hit for the background image, one hit for the headder, etc. Even if the page only partly loads you will record hits.

What actually counts are page views which are determined by a person staying on a page for a given amount of time.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Mike Johnston said...

Thanks for making that distinction. My stats site records "page loads" (the 600,000 number).

I understand the 250,000 number is just people who come to the site who don't already have a cookie from it. So it would count repeatedly those people who don't allow their machines to keep cookies, correct?


2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just need to work out how you can charge for it, with that hit rate, or whatever it is called, and a charge of 1 cent per hit it should make a nice business.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Dean Tomasula said...

Mike -

I think you're mistaken about the Mamiya thing. "Transfering" its optical division to another company is not a trivial matter. Essentially what it means is that Mamiya has sold it's camera division to this company. Possibly because it lost its shirt on designing, building and marketing the ZD.

Whether we will see any new cameras under the Mamiya name and what quality they will have remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen if we will see any new film cameras with the Mamiya name on them.

Don't be fooled by the "PR-speak" of the press release. This is not a trivial matter for medium format photography.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah but who cares? There is a ton of old mint Mamiya stuff on the used market and nobody wants a ZD. The newer digital backs out perform the 645 lenses... so where else can they go but to become a parts and service company?

Living in Rochester and driving by the old Graflex plant everyday -- it brings joy to my cockles to see another Japanese camera brand "feel our pain" ;-)

All the new Mamiya owner has to do is send a few business cards to the camera repair places and sit back to fill the parts orders. It's probably going to be a one-person operation with a big basement and a storage locker.

I guess Stu Applebaum didn't bid high enough...

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In any case, it shows a good page or blog, well written will draw a lot of people.

It is well needed, Mike.


2:47 PM  

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