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Monday, March 20, 2006

Zutty Singleton

Charles Peterson, Zutty Singleton, c. 1939

I've decided to sell a few choice selections from my photograph collection this week (mainly because I've been going through print boxes and they turned up, but also in honor of tomorrow's T.O.P. Ten selection), and thought I'd give T.O.P. readers a jump. This is a fine print of a Charles Peterson photograph of jazz drummer Zutty Singleton in action, made from the original negative. In the 1980s I was a custom darkroom printer and was hired to make some exhibition prints for the photographer's son. Mr. Peterson allowed me to keep copies of a few of the prints I made. This picture was taken in about 1939. The print, from a 4x5 press camera negative, was made on Oriental paper, selenium toned and archivally washed, using the best equipment available. The picture shows somewhat more than can be seen here (it didn't fit under the scanner). The image area is 9x12 inches on an 11x14 sheet. The prints I made were exhibited at the 1987 Monterey Jazz Festival.

I'll be posting more prints for sale as the week progresses. Have a look!



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