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Monday, March 13, 2006

PDN Picks Stock Photog Blogs

Photo: Playing the Piano by Glasshouse stock photog Jill Enfield
PDN reports on a few news releases it has received lately about stock photography and blogs:

Stock Artists Alliance launched a new blog to track news of the Congressional hearings about orphan works and copyright law at SAA is one of several interest groups trying to stop a proposal that could weaken the copyright protections photographers enjoy. (For more of what PDN has to say about orphan works, see PDN's story on the subject from last month.)

Glasshouse Images has announced a deal to give JupiterImages the exclusive, worldwide rights to distribute Glasshouse's core collection. Glasshouse hopes to increase its exposure with the deal. Click on "photographers" to see the work of some of Glasshouse's contributors.

Index Stock Imagery has re-launched its corporate blog at



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