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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hemlines Are Up This Year (or Was It Down?)


As the end of black-and-white printing signals a transformation in the practice of photography, the medium itself is more popular than ever

by Richard B. Woodward

"The year 2005 may be remembered as a watershed in the history of photography, a crucial date when one generation of artists lifted off into blue sky while another was brought down to earth, left once again to ponder its slave-master relationship to technology.

"When Kodak announced last June that it would no longer manufacture black-and-white printing papers, the decision did more than terminate 117 years of production. By severing a vital supply line long taken for granted, the company reminded photographers of their humbling dependence on equipment and materials—and how quickly both they and the equipment and materials can go out of date...."


Hat tip to Joerg Colberg.

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