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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The 1-Percent Rock Photog

David Seelig, Tina and Mick

When curator Max Brown selected 500 photographs from the history of rock and roll for the two-year, ten-city Kodak Rock Photography Collection's "Rock X-Posed" traveling exhibition in 2002-3, five of the pictures he chose—a full one percent, which ain't bad when you're talking the whole history of the art—were photographs taken by David Seelig. From the looks of things, Seelig, who lives in Idaho, could have supplied more than that. He's shot everybody from a very Young Bruce Springsteen (which was—no offense, Bruce—a while ago now), to Kelly Clarkson just last year.

When I put out a request for a picture of Neil Young yesterday, I figured something good would come of it. David supplied an outstanding shot of Young which is, if anything, too good for what I need it for. Looking over his website for the first time, he seems like a true "trenches" kinda guy, the kind of pro who works for a living and can do it all, from pizza to Mike Piazza. Career-wise he tells me he's made his mark most strongly in sports and music, and his concert shots are excellent. The work stays inventive within the constricted opportunities of the live concert setting, and I think he has a great knack for finding a way to convey musically expressive moments, too, which is something not every concert photographer masters. I especially like the Seelig shot of Greg Allman (above). Nice stuff. Take a look at the site and see for yourself.

Anyway, ask, and ye shall receive. Thanks and a holler to David S.



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