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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Landscapes of Harmony and Dissonance

For more than 40 years, Robert Adams (born 1937) has photographed the landscape of the American West, particularly in California, Oregon, and his home state of Colorado. His work is inspired both by his joy in the inherent beauty of the landscape, and his dismay at its exploitation and degradation for residential and commercial development.

In his images of main streets, tract houses, trees, and waterways, Adams records two kinds of landscapes, one damaged by people and the other somehow beyond their power to harm. He asks us, through his photographs, to consider where we live and how we relate to our environment....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

MJ - I have never really understood why people drool over Robt. Adams stuff. I've looked at alot of his stuff and find not much to get excited about. I grew and live in Colorado and I don't think it's even familiarty breeding contempt that puzzles me. I do believe that the link shows some stronger photos than I'm used to seeing from him. Just my two cents. ernie nitka

9:57 AM  

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