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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eddie Adams Workshop Launches New Photojournalism Website with PhotoShelter


NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2006—BitShelter LLC and the Eddie Adams Workshop today announced the launch of the Workshop's website (, which includes an alumni directory, message board, and portfolio pages using technology developed by PhotoShelter (, the industry standard for online image archiving and distribution.

Starting in April 2006, the Eddie Adams Workshop will use PhotoShelter's online image management and secure e-commerce systems to bring the annual Workshop's registration process online. The Workshop, now entering its nineteenth year, formerly required applicants to mail their applications and portfolio images.

The Eddie Adams Workshop ("Barnstorm") is an intense four-day gathering of the top professionals in photojournalism, along with 100 carefully selected students. The directory and profiles, which include both faculty and alumni, will serve as tool for editors to find photojournalistic excellence.

Participating faculty has included Eddie Adams (Pulitzer Prize Winner), James Colton (Sports Illustrated), Bill Eppridge, Bill Frakes (Sports Ilustrated), David Kennerly (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Douglas Kirkland, Mary Ellen Mark, Gordon Parks, Eugene Richards, Joe Rosenthal (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Howard Schatz, and Nick Ut (Associated Press).

Notable Alumni Include: Nancy Andrews, Kristen Ashburn, Jack Gruber, Fritz Hoffman, Chris Hondros, Vincent Laforet, Rick Loomis, Melissa Lyttle, Brian Plonka, Stephanie Sinclair, Ami Vitale, and Annie Wells.

"One of the best parts of Barnstorm," says Workshop producer Jessica Stuart, "is that every year, for the last eighteen years, it has brought together 100 new members (students) to that community with over 100 faculty members who are already established and actively working."

"Three of the five PhotoShelter founders are Barnstorm alumni," says Grover Sanschagrin, VP of Marketing & Sales for PhotoShelter, who attended Barnstorm II in 1989. "The Eddie Adams Workshop is a photojournalism career milestone. Those who have been through it know that they're part of a very special community."

The new website was designed with this community in mind.

"I think the simple fact that, barely 48 hours after the new site launched, almost 200 alumni have registered says very clearly that there is a desire for this kind of connection," says Stuart. "Barnstorm has been important to a lot of people, and that being a part of this community is something people feel good about, and are excited to show their support for."

The founders of PhotoShelter saw an opportunity to give back to the Barnstorm community by making PhotoShelter's industrial-strength image workflow technology available for use within the Workshop's website.

"I think that's part of the magic of Barnstorm," says Stuart. "That people feel an attachment to something, years after they attended, and want to stay involved."

About The Eddie Adams Workshop
Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Eddie Adams started the Eddie Adams Workshop in 1988 as a tuition-free, intensive experience for students and young professionals focusing on photojournalism. The Workshop's purpose is to create a forum in which an exchange of ideas, techniques, and philosophies can be shared between both established members and newcomers of the profession of picture journalism. Barnstorm XIX will be held October 6-9, 2006, in Jeffersonville, NY.

About PhotoShelter
PhotoShelter provides secure storage that is both locally and geographically redundant, with 24-hour online accessibility and simultaneously serves as a sales platform, allowing photographers to create galleries, sell images, add seamlessly-integrated search and publishing capabilities to their own sites, and create RSS syndication feeds.



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