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Thursday, January 05, 2006

So What Is the Best Tripod Head?

After having [implicitly] criticized the $1,500 Arca "Cube" the other day ("Taking Technology Too Far," Dec. 31, '05), I felt it might be incumbent upon me to nominate a candidate for "Best Ball Head."

For my money (specifically, $145, less that 1/10th what the Cube costs), it's the Really Right Stuff BH-25 Pro, a small but powerful ballhead that will adjust quickly and hold up to 9 lbs. (and if you're using a camera that weighs more than 9 lbs., or need more deluxe features, they make bigger ones). As shown here, it's equipped with a locking knob to clamp a camera plate; you can also get it with a locking lever, or customize it by buying it with a tripod screw and attaching one of RRS's other mounting apparati.

Like most of Really Right Stuff's stuff, it's intelligently designed, well made, and fairly priced.



Blogger Paul Watson said...

Another good one for not much money is the Acratech Ultimate Ballhead. It worked flawlessly during a recent trip to the Namib desert.

3:13 AM  

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