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Thursday, January 05, 2006

One Step Closer to a Brain in a Jar

Exhibited at CES this year will be "Nethrone," a device that might appear to be an exercise machine...but is actually its opposite. It's an ergonomic play/workstation meant as the ultimate positioner for your computer, monitor, keyboard, and, er, butt in ideal relation to one another for comfortable gaming, surfing, Photoshopping, e-mailing, and other such sedentary activities.

In keeping with the theme is "Netcam," an accessory camera held aloft by tiny helicopter blades so that photographers can take pictures remotely while ensconced on "Nethrone."

Okay, no. I made up the camera.

America's burning question: Will it support 350 lbs.? (And, can we get any lazier?)



Anonymous 01af said...

Many years ago, I saw a report on T.V. about a very similar device which was menat as the ultimate working seat for clerks, amanuenses, and other writers. Rather than a computer, it featured a document holder and a typewriter (did I mention it was YEARS ago?).

However the idea turned out a major failure. Test persons inevitably fell asleep after a few minutes ...

10:50 AM  

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