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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boyle and Short: The Niepce and Herschel of Digital Photography

Photo: Bell Labs

The early 1970s were the crucible years for digital photography technology. Drs. Willard Boyle and George Short built the world's first video camera in 1975, applying the charge-coupled device, or CCD, they had invented in 1969. CCDs have since been applied to a range of innovative modern technologies, including bar-code scanners, copy machines, and doubtless many defense applications. They're also the basis for video and most digital camera sensors.

On this coming February 21st, at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., during National Engineers Week, Boyle and Short will receive the $500,000 Draper Prize, Engineering's highest honor, for their invention of the CCD.

In the nice 35mm Tri-X portrait above, Boyle is on the left, Short, the right.



Blogger Martin B. said...

Nice of you to point out the 35mm Tri-X part, is it some type of message ;-)

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