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Monday, January 09, 2006

And Who Needs a Stinkin' Tri-?

One reason you may not need no stinkin' ballhead is if you don't actually need a tripod. If you shoot only with small cameras (digital or 35mm), all you may need for occasional camera-support service is The Pod. For US$20 you get something I had been thinking for some time of cobbling together, namely a beanbag with a 1/4"-20 stud on it. A beanbag is the perfect travel tripod: strap the camera to the beanbag with a rubber band and hold the bag on or against a conveniently solid support—a wall, car door, your long-suffering wife's shoulder—and you get surprisingly good results at surprisingly long exposure times. The Pod now provides a secure connection between camera and bag, and should be just as portable as stud-less versions.



Blogger Matthew said...

This is a funny solution also, how about mounting a camera to the top of a two liter pop bottle?

10:51 AM  

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