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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why People Photograph

"I am self-indulgent. When I photograph, I'm scratching the same itch that makes people gossip or tell jokes; only this gossip is visual, not verbal. There is nothing exalted about it, and it does not transcend any reality whatever. It tries to pass an experience on as nearly intact as possible.

"What happens, and (maybe) why. The process is that something comes in my eye and stimulates me to shoot because I'm bursting to let it out again—preferably to inflict it on an audience. If the audience likes it too, so much the better; but my photography is selfish, not altruistic. I do it for me.

"It's like conversation. Watch people talking. Notice how we wait with poorly hidden impatience for the other fellow to stop talking so we can start. Apparently it is more blessed to send that to receive. A photographer carries on a one-sided conversation through vision, with enormous satisfaction. ('Look what I saw!')"
—David Vestal, The Craft of Photography

Posted by: OREN GRAD


Blogger imants said...

Sounds like a Mills and Boon romance novel even "Brad" from pop art fame (Roy Lichtenstein) would be impressed with the melodrama

3:19 PM  

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