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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Subsidized Prints

Inexpensive holiday gifts courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer: The Library of Congress has always made photographic prints from its collection available for purchase. These aren't rare vintage prints of the sort you'd pay tens of thousands of dollars for in a gallery, but in many cases they are actual photographic prints made from the original negatives—and if you care for the objects as photographs rather than investments or objets d'art, that's often good enough. This superb portrait of a Klickitat brave, for example, costs only $28 for an 8x10, $37 for an 11x14, and $46 for a 16x20.

Right now there's a great African-American section available, including the natty family at left as well as an awe-inspiring portrait of Harriet Tubman looking downright regal, among other things. Check out the Famous Photographers section too—how else are you going to be able to afford one of Alexander Gardner's portraits of Abe Lincoln?

All in all, fun stuff for lovers of photographs.



Blogger McLean said...

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say thanks for starting this blog. I've always been a fan of SMP but couldn't stand the Nikon v. Canon v. Leica v. et cetera of I used to be a prolific shooter, working since I was 15 for various newspapers and such but then I stopped taking photography seriously about 3 years ago. (I'm 25 by the way.) Oh sure, I still read Camera Arts and of course your online musings but my heart just wasn't in it. Now you and your colleagues have fostered my love again and I can't thank you enough. Just sitting on the metro tonight my eyes were open to the world again. I began seeing things not just with my eyes but with my mind's eye.

Oh, and brilliant comment by the way about the use of "substandard" equipment by most of the masters. I'm as big a technolust geek as the next but it's really tiresome to see these endless debates (and I use that term lightly) about which system is better or the merits of a full frame CCD versus APS sized. If people spent half as much time bitching about useless information and minutia then we'd have many times more shots to give a critical eye to instead of subjective drivel.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

McLean Anderson

9:07 PM  

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