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Saturday, December 17, 2005

'The Little Angel'

"The solitary, inspired, diseased, clairvoyant lunatic," Angel Rizutto referred to himself as "The Little Angel."

"From May 1952 to June 1966, a troubled recluse named Angelo Rizzuto stalked Manhattan with a camera. He saw a city of solitary beings isolated amid the architectural grandeur, cold streets prowled by disillusioned women, exhausted men and vulnerable children. He ended every roll with a portrait of himself, alone in a spare room, sullenly staring or bizarrely grimacing into the camera, a loner among loners.

"No one saw these images while Mr. Rizzuto lived. When he was dying of cancer in 1967, he asked that his photographs—some 60,000 of them—be sent to the Library of Congress, along with $50,000 from his estate to finance a book of his work. The library printed a cheap, staple-bound booklet, then used the bulk of Mr. Rizzuto's money to acquire the work of more famous photographers like Diane Arbus.

"It would be another 40 years before Mr. Rizzuto got the book he deserved: Michael Lesy's Angel's World, published this month by W. W. Norton & Company...."

(From the Times review by John Strausbaugh. Read the rest of the article here.

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON (hat tip: Bob R.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
To your and my own suprise, this book got a two page review in a prestigious argentine cultural magazine. The article can be read here:

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can be read here

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