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Monday, December 12, 2005

Directly from Japan

I'm sure you've seen the telltale phrases: "made for the home market," "Japan only," "Not imported." So how do you in the States or Europe get your hands on some of the good stuff that the Japanese reserve for themselves?

If it's supplies for traditional photography you're looking for, try Dirk Rösler's Megaperls Webshop. Dirk tells me it's something he started as "a little project between jobs," but says he's gotten tremendous interest from all around the globe. The page's subtitle is "Film and more directly from Japan," and it's just the thing if you simply must have Fuji Acros in 8x10 with some Artdol Sheet Film developer, or a pack of Fuji Bromide Rembrandt V paper.

Megaperls even sells—get this—the elusive Natura S camera. Just an ordinary little black point-and-shoot...with a 24mm ƒ/1.9 lens! Never seen on these shores before. (Now why can't they stick that lens on a digicam?)



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