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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Currently at UCR/CMP

What: Sachigusa Yasuda's 'Flying' photographs

When: Ends December 31, 2005

Where: University of California Riverside/California Museum of Photography, 3824 Main Street, Riverside CA 92501

"'Flying' alludes to the recent epidemic of suicide cyber cults in Sachigusa Yasuda’s native Japan—internet chat groups where suicide pacts are hatched and meticulously planned by young adults ironically trying to find meaning in their lives by ending them—a rate of one suicide every 15 minutes. The three-point perspective views and impossible angles and vistas—formed by collaging hundreds of images shot from slightly different viewpoints into seamless photographs—presents a series of dizzying and chilling images. The artist’s presence—she leans from top storey windows to take the photographs—is erased during the digital process, creating the illusion of filming while falling. As in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) and other early German Expressionist works, the forced perspective in Yasuda’s photographs ratchets anxiety and alienation upward towards discomfort and fear." (Ciara Ennis)



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