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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Aperture: Not for the Faint of Heart

There is nice mini-review (with screenshots) of Apple's new Aperture workflow-management program (which is now shipping, by the way) at Lucien Dupont's web log.

Note, however, that Aperture is not just for Mac users: it's for Mac Users who are faint of neither heart nor wallet, since it requires a top Powerbook or a 1.8GHz G5, minimum 1 GB of RAM, one of the better video cards, and at least a DVD-ROM drive. No wuss eMacs or Minis need apply....

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON (with a shout to D.E.)


Blogger Nick Kiest said...

I am receiving Aperture tomorrow, and will be using it to process some jobs I am overdue on, so it should be a good workflow test of how quickly I can rate about 1000 photos and get them on the web.
I will try and write it up here:

8:11 PM  

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