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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Somali Kiwis

There isn't a whole lot that hasn't been photographed these days, but a show that opens on Dec. 3rd at New Zealand's Waikato Museum, in Hamilton, claims to be the first to document the small, secretive Somali community in N.Z. The show, curated by Crystal Ardern, is called "Rare View" and features (among other things) recent pictures by photographer Mark Hamilton. The Kiwi Somalis (or would that be Somali Kiwis?) have been in the news because they've been subjected to persecution recently, presumably because they are muslims in a non-muslim country.



Blogger Ken from the UK said...

Great blog. I was saddened when your Sunday Morning thing stopped. Not many people talk a lot of sense these days, but you often do.
Great to have you back. This was the best bit
"Ninety-nine percent of the greatest masterpieces in the history of photography were taken with cameras that are not adequate by the standards of today's digital amateur". Tell that to the arseholes in the dpreview forums [fora?]

5:02 AM  

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