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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Deadman Update

A couple of years ago I came across some of the best street photography I'd ever seen, by a mysterious character named Johnny Deadman, later revealed to be filmmaker John Brownlow. John was kind enough to let me use a choice selection of his work to illustrate one of my articles.

Now he's up to something very--well, almost perversely--different. To check it out, click the title above, which is a link.

Personally I have to say I don't care for some of his latest work quite as much, decaying woods and random building fronts in color being subjects most photo teachers have seen quite enough of, but I guess man cannot live by street photography alone.

"Umbrellas," above, taken with a Noblex, has John going back to his roots on the street. It's a picture that's like an accordion, going in and and out, up and down, coming at you and then receding again, and I love the "virtual frame break" created by the nearest lamp-post, and the quasi-stochastic smattering of umbrellas broadcast across the frame holding the whole thing together. A stunningly great shot, I think. By the way, you can click on these images to make them larger.

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON (with a nod to O.G.)


Blogger John Brownlow said...

Hello Mike, Deadman here, aka John Brownlow. Thanks for the update and the kind words!

The umbrella picture was not taken with a Noblex, though -- although I do use one. It is a digital composite shot using a Canon 1Ds and stitched together using PTMac software from

Sorry you don't dig the recent stuff, but the truth is I burnt myself out on the street.

Anyone who's interested can see all my latest work posted as-it-happens on Flickr:

Street photography is avidly discussed on the Streetphoto forum, which I still administrate.

That's here:

3:05 PM  

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